Tribal Tattoos for Women

Since the 1990s, tribal tattoos have been in vogue and very popular. Despite their popularity diminishing lately, they are still going very strong.

Why get a tribal tattoo

  • Tribal tattoos have a lot of black ink, this means that they hold up well and are very long lasting. Black tattoo ink does not fade as fast as other colors.
  • Due to the fact that tribal tattoos are very popular, you will not find it difficult finding an artist to do a design on you. Unless you are going for a specific design.
  • In case you want your own tribal design, it is a lot easier to design your own mockup of a tribal design as opposed to other tattoo designs which are pretty complex and require a tattoo artist to do it for you.
  • Tribal tattoos are known to have a bold visual appeal. They consist of interlocking curving lines that lend themselves to other tattoo designs such as back or lower back tattoos or upper arm tattoos (Tribal arm band is a good example).

Origin of tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos styles that we see today are known to originate from a myriad of old tribes such as Native Americans, the Haida, the Celtic tribes and Polynesian tribes among others. The motifs and shapes of tribal tattoos are rooted in tribe mythology as well as the view of the world that is held by these tribes.

Social and religious values are what are usually reflected on by the traditional tattoo artist. The most recurrent themes are origin of the world, ancestors, relationship with the god among other cultural beliefs.

Traditionally, tribal communities used tribal tattoo designs for social status, identification, rite of passage, and healing, magic and protection.

Modern tribal tattoos

Modern tribal tattoos are not associated with any particular tribe. The most common designs today are the Polynesian tattoo and tattoo designs from the tribe of Iban, Kayan, Borneo, and Kenyah.

Leo Zulueta an American of Filipino roots and Alex Binnie from London had some influence in the modern tribal tattoo that we have today. In the past, bone needles and animal and plant dyes were used to draw on the tattoos. Luckily for you today, these have been replaced with the tattoo machine. Additionally, the hygienic conditions that the tribal tattoos were once done have improved greatly.

List of Common tribal tattoos

  • Haida tattoos
  • Chinese tribal tattoos
  • ¬†Aztec tribal tattoos
  • Native American tribal tattoos
  • Taino tattoos
  • Hawaiian tribal tattoos,
  • Maquesan
  • Polynesian tattoos
  • Borneo tribal tattoos

All you need to do is visit your tattoo artist parlor and they will do a tribal design of your choice on you. You may choose one that has individual social meaning and you may ask your favorite tattoo artist of the various meanings portrayed by the tattoos. This is because the particular design you choose may be an insult to other tribes based on the original meaning of the tattoo.