Tattoo Tips – 7 Crucial Steps to Consider First

So, you finally made the decision that you want to get a tattoo. You either are going to be completely excited about this decision, so much so that you just want to get to your local tattoo artist and get it done, or you are excited yet anxious about it.

Now, getting a tattoo in my experience is not something that should be rushed. Rushing a decision like this can cause you to regret your decision after, just because you may end up getting a tattoo that you dont really like, or you may have it done in the wrong place.

A tattoo is forever . . . so you need to be sure. Here are a few things to consider before you do it:

Be sure of your design

When it comes to the tattoo design that you get, make sure it is something that means something to you. Dont make a decision to get something just because it is popular, or just because everyone else is getting it, because you will still have that tattoo long after the fad passes.

Getting a tattoo of a guy or a girl just because you are crazy about them at that moment is a bad idea, remember that relationships end, friendships can turn sour and feelings change.

The best thing to do is to find a tattoo design that you love, and to do this, you should search for it. The internet is vast, and there are many resources online that have hundreds of designs that you can look at, till you find something you love.

Invest that time on yourself, and you can have a tattoo that you love years after you got it.

2. Know where you want to have your tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be painful, so take that into consideration when you decide where to do it. Some parts of the body are more painful, like the areas where there is bone that is close to the surface of the skin. If you are scared of the pain, then stay away from doing a tattoo on your neck, ankle, spine, shoulders and areas like that. Try doing it on your upper arms, thighs, stomach and areas like that, that have flesh.

Test drive the tattoo that you want

Before you get your permanent tattoo, why not get a henna design, exactly where you are thinking of having it. This will give you an idea of whether you truly like the design, or whether you really like it on that part of your body. Doing this can be great preparation for whether you are really ready about getting a tattoo.

What do those closest to you say

Yes its your tattoo and its going to be on your body but those closest to you can offer great insight. You might want to hear what your family and friends have to say about your tattoo and where you want it to be. However, you are still the one who will end up with it, so the final decision rests with you.

Prepare yourself for when you get the tattoo

Tattoos can be uncomfortable, but the pain is not severe. My personal experience is that I almost loved it when they did the outline, and the pain kicked in when they did the colouring.

Prepare yourself for when you finally sit on that chair and get that ink. Know that there is a level of pain that you have to endure, and depending on the size of the tattoo, it might be for a long time.

Know your after-care procedures

When you are done getting the tattoo, the tattoo artist will tell you about the things you should do to ensure that you dont get an infection on your tattoo, to ensure the tattoo heals properly and fast. He/she will tell you the dos and donts, and its important that you follow the instructions to the T.

You will also learn how to keep your tattoo beautiful and how to retain its colour over time.