Learn How To Tattoo

Well then, you have definitely come to the correct website because this website is totally devoted to the pointing you in the right direction. Tattoo-ologist Joshua Andrews, has accumulated a massive amount of information, illustrations, diagrams, and videos on the art of tattooing over the last ten years, and he has created this website as a online means for you to access  all of this invaluable tattooing information, illustrations, diagrams and videos.

You will NOT be able to literally learn how to tattoo simply by using this website alone; a claim like that would be utter bullshit. However what this website will do for you is explain to you and show to you more information about tattoos and tattooing than most tattoo artists have ever heard off.

Beginners will learn about the ABC’s of tattoos and tattooing and about the tattooing industry from an insiders perspective, but not just about what its like to tattoo in Baltimore alone, or in America alone, but rather from an international perspective.

  • Beginners will learn how to get that apprenticeship.
  • Beginners will learn about the masters of tattooing.
  • Beginners will see tattooing done, step by step, by means of numerous videos.
  • Beginners will learn how to make a homemade tattoo machine, just in case.
  • Beginners will learn about the tattoo machines that exist, the electro magnet, the pneumatic and the rotary motor model.
  • Beginners and many experienced artists will learn about Japanese tattooing.
  • Beginners will learn about the history of tattooing.
  • Beginners will learn how to setup a tattoo machine and much much more.

You can have access to all of the things listed above and much more, but only on this website and as a paid member. Once upon a time not too long this website was free however due to numerous unscrupulous website owners plagiarizing this website’s content without permission or even credit, this website’s fabulous wealth of content has been made private and available for paid members only who are serious about wanting to learn about tattooing.