How To Remove Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is not a decision you should go into lightly as it will be with you until you die or get it painfully removed. So please do your research first. These are the top 5 mistakes that many people have made and have regretted it ever since.

1. Tattoo is Too small or too bi
Trying to get the Sistine Chapel tattooed on the back of your hand just isnt going to work, much the same as a tiny tattoo on a huge guy would just look silly. The tattoo needs to be incorporated with your anatomy and size and scale makes a big difference. You may have to ask the tattooist to enlarge or reduce your design a number of time before you are happy. When the tattooist puts the stencil on your body check that you are happy with the way it looks when you move, as the design can distort incredibly on some parts of the body and this needs to be taken into consideration.

2. Have Spelling Mistakes
I know you love tattoo but sometimes people just make them wrong! Always double check the spelling mistakes!

3. Getting a name of a boyfriend or girlfriend
I too have fallen into this trap it felt so real and perfect at the time I got the tattoo and was dutifully warned by the tattooist that it was not a good idea but alas I said go ahead. Little did I know that in as little as one years time I would be heart broken and single.

4. Being Impulsive
Yes tattoos are fun and they can be quick and you can get a little adrenalin rush for getting some new ink, but you will get an even better effect if you plan the tattoo and it has real meaning for you. I wanted to get one tattoo every year and would go into a tattoo shop and pick something from the tattoo flash art as a matter of impulsive must have all of these impulsive tattoos have now been covered

5. Getting it Cheap
Oh boy! Instead of thinking how cheap you can get it done instead think of how long this tattoo will be with you. It is really important to look at the tattooists portfolio and see if it is of a quality that you would be happy to wear. Shop around for the best tattooist you can find or go to a tattoo convention where you will see the best of the best in action so you can see what to expect.