Becoming A Tattoo Artist

Becoming a tattoo artist is something that can provide you with the ability to use your creative and artistic talents in order to earn a great living. But if you want to become a tattoo artist then you need to realize that like anything else in life it’s going to take some time and effort on your part. You can’t simply pick up a tattoo gun and start working. You need to learn how to use the equipment properly. You also need to work on your design and drawing skills to make sure that you will be able to produce tattoos that your clients will love. Perhaps most importantly you will have to learn how to actually tattoo someone. Using a tattoo gun on skin is a lot different than drawing on paper and it takes some getting used to. So if you have always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist then you need to make sure that you follow the right steps to ensure you will be successful.

The best tattoo artists in the world make a lot of money and work with celebrities, professional athletes, and other high end clients. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have tattoo artists that are far less talented and skilled that work in little corner tattoo parlors for little money. Your goal in becoming a tattoo artist should be to become one of the elite artists in the world that does beautiful work and has people setting up appointments months in advance. So how exactly do you do that? First make sure that your drawing and design skills are up to par. This includes learning about color theory and how to use the right shapes to get someone’s eye to move from one point to another in a composition. Next you need to bet some tattoo equipment, this includes a gun, inks, and the proper sterilization materials. At this point you should start practicing your skills on some synthetic skin to help get yourself used to how it feels to work in this way. Then once you are comfortable and confident you can start out by doing small, simple tattoos.

While there is a lot you can learn yourself the truth is that if you want to be an elite tattoo artist then you are going to have to become an apprentice somewhere. Before you start going to different tattoo shops and hoping to be picked up as an apprentice make sure you research first and choose the right shops and artists. Once you have chosen a possible teacher then you should put together a portfolio to show them your work. If you are accepted as an apprentice then you will likely have to do some grunt work for your new teacher. This may include cleaning and tuning up his machines and cleaning up around the shop. While you may not appreciate having to do this kind of work keep in mind that the knowledge and experience you are gaining are well worth the effort. Becoming a tattoo artist is a challenging journey, but if you persevere then you could end up with a lucrative profession that you truly love.